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Passion and The Symphony
A few words about the project

"Orion" is the Orchestra that was created specially for 
​Symphonic Tribute to Metallica.

​Consisting of virtuosos, having few things in common: they are all passionate symphony lovers and rock - addicted musicians.

The conductor of the Orion orchestra, Drygent, is an amazing master of emotions. He ensures that each instrument harmonizes with the others, creating extraordinary arrangements of songs from the legendary band Metallica!


"Being a conductor is unbelievable. It is a live communication with people, contact, it is the creation of beautiful symphonic music: three-dimensional, multifaceted, and interesting.
And this bribed me for life."

"...Orchestra is an immensely huge part of any project.
These guys are really passionate.
To love what you do is the only way to succeed in music"

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